"A Musical Messenger"
Sharing the
"Music of Life."

Discover the Gift of yourSelf through
"Divine Jazz" 

She's a favorite at several North Carolina Unity Churches, and has performed on local and national TV

"Your music is truly a blessing to all that want to listen! May God continue to bless you DeeJazz." Byron

“One year of listening to this CD would transform the world.”    A. Hammid (Shaman Master)


It makes my body dance and my heart open up.” ~~ Karen Ganyard (Massage Therapist)

Two musical scores aired nationwide on an ABC-TV documentary, "Heroes, A Triumph of Spirit" featuring the life of the famous neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson.

Her first single "A Living Example" rated in the top-10 on the mp3.com Jazz Vocal charts.

Hello......I'm Dolores "DeeJazz" Jackson. I create music to help you remember your innate Divinity, your Divineness. 

"Do Ye not know that Ye are Gods?"

As you listen to these Musical Messages you will regain awareness and peace so that you can awaken to your true identity and live in joy. 

DeeJazz is the recipient of the 2014
Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Maya Angelou says,

"DeeJazz is Unique and Impressive."

"DeeJazz is a powerful singer of moving spiritual music that is in harmony with the teachings of New Thought Churches. She is positive, Spirit filled and professional in every way. I highly recommend her to you!"   

          -Ray Wiggins, Spiritual Leader, Unity South Atlanta Church

This CD is a motivator for even the most apathetic of us. I brought 10 copies and gave them to my friends. One friend was so impressed she brought 25 copies to give to her friends.
~ Rich Southers

DeeJazz’s voice and music really touch the soul.  Her songs have meaning and are like singing affirmations to keep you focused on the spiritual path.  My church Transforming Love Community just loves her and we look forward to her sharing with us again and again.”

~~~Rev. Shaheerah Stephens
, Transforming Love Community - Detroit, MI

“DeeJazz’s lyrics really reach into your heart & soul and are a message unto themselves. My church loves having her! We have her come to our church as often as we can get her and she always leaves everyone "spellbound" and "spirit-filled" when she's finished singing one of her songs. I find that I just want to sit in the glorious space she has created through the magic of her music...”

Love 'n Light to you!

Jacquie Mace, Rev Unity of Durham

When I first heard Dolores “DeeJazz” Jackson I was mesmerized.  Her silky voice verbalized a truly inspired New Thought message.  She rocked the house with her rhythmic and jazzy tunes.  Dolores will definitely raise the energy where ever she performs!

~~~~Rev. Sheryl Finch, Christ Church Unity,
Augusta, Georgia

 Many have already found release, peace of mind and newness of spirit by simply listening to the melodic messages of DeeJazz. Now, you too can enjoy self-revelations and spiritual inspiration with just a push of a button in your car, at home, or on your headphones. 

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