As a child, she played popular songs by ear on the family piano and soon began creating original melodies. 

  Dolores “DeeJazz” Jackson was born in 1960 in Detroit, Michigan during the glorious Motown era.

When she was twelve-years-old, her mother and sister introduced her to spirituality by giving her a book by Florence Scovel Shinn titled, “The Game of Life and How to Play it”.  DeeJazz says the book showed her a whole new world; a world where she was divine.

As a teenager, she began writing songs about this newfound discovery sometimes playing the piano for hours at a time.  Her mother said it seemed she was releasing pent-up emotions, using it as a form of therapy.  But not much else was said about her music.  DeeJazz was ultimately discouraged to pursue music and encouraged to become a traditional wife and mother.

In 1977 she met a bass player in a college music class.  After one year, they both dropped out of college and married in 1980.  For a while, they made beautiful music together; but after eight years of marriage they divorced, making DeeJazz a single parent of two young children.

After her divorce her uncle, Charles Victor Moore, a well-known trumpet player throughout Detroit and Canada, purchased her first piano for her.  It was on that piano that her songs “A Living Example”, “Who Am I” & the anthem “What it Means to be a Man” were composed along with many others. 

DeeJazz struggled as a single parent.  For years she worked nights as a cocktail waitress until she met someone who encouraged her to move “up” to welfare and go back to college.  She did.  Three years later she graduated Magna Cum Laude.  This gave her the confidence to move out of Detroit.  In 1998 she felt guided to move to North Carolina and pursued her passion of songwriting 

After singing one of her original songs during a talent show at a Unity church, DeeJazz began her professional career, singing for many churches and venues across the country including a prestigious performance at West Point Academy.

In 2003 she completed her first CD, “A Musical Messenger”.  She recorded all the instrumentation on her keyboard from the melodies that would come to her day and night.  Sometimes she would awaken in the middle of the night with a song in her head and would have to record it.  In that same year Dr. Maya Angelou heard the CD and invited DeeJazz to come to New York where she sang for Dr. Angelou at Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar.  Afterward, Dr. Angelou gave praise stating, “DeeJazz is unique and impressive.” 

In 2009, DeeJazz completed her second CD “Music of Life”.  The following year in North Carolina, she created and produced a stage production based on her music.  She was also the star in “A Chorus in Miracles”. The dynamic production featured eleven of her songs accompanied by dancers, actors, musicians, and singers. Her sister, transformational speaker Hattie Mae Pembrook was the host. 

DeeJazz repeated the production again in 2011, this time in her hometown of Detroit.  Both times DeeJazz hired over thirty people without knowing how they would be paid.  The Detroit show cost over twenty thousand dollars.  Miraculously the money showed up at the last possible minute and everyone was paid.

DeeJazz has been stepping out on faith for many years.  She has big dreams that include making the dreams of others come true.  Along with her sister Hattie, she created the non-profit organization called The Double Dose Sisters.  They are committed to giving young singers, dancers, and actors the “A Chorus in Miracles” venue to showcase their skills.  They also provide mentoring opportunities to help young men who are without fathers or positive male role models through MEN.T.O.R.S.: Men Taking Ownership of Raising Our Sons.  Her song, “What It Means to be a Man” addresses this crucial issue.

DeeJazz  lives in Raleigh, NC makes her living in sales.  She also continues to sing, write and produce.  DeeJazz lives her life from the gratitude of knowing her innate Divinity and uses her music to invite everyone to awaken to their Divineness….

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