"DeeJazz is a hurricane that is awakening the planet...her music is having a galactic impact."
Sarah Washington (Spiritual Healer)

β€œOne year of listening to this CD would transform the world.”

-         A. Hammid (Shaman Master)


β€œIt makes my body dance and my heart open up.” ~~ Karen Ganyard (Massage Therapist)


"No compilation of music has inspired or impressed me more deeply than this phenomenal CD by DeeJazz.  This music harmonizes with the Oneness of the Uni-Verse and brings healing energy to anyone who comes in contact with those who have been graced by its lyrics.  DeeJazz is truly "a musical messenger!"

   ~~  Royce Fletcher Thomason

 Director, Free People's Center for Truth, Love, and Wisdom/Developer of the Transcending the Matrix Energetic Healing Technique


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